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Case Summaries

Defective Design: Toyota Corolla Defect Causes Accident and Death

Nueces County, Texas: On or about July 13, 2009, a 2006 Toyota Corolla, being driven by Aurora Arkins, suddenly and without warning went out of control, accelerating at a high rate of speed and crashing into the rear of a vehicle. During the rollover event, although properly restrained, Aurora Arkins suffered catastrophic personal injuries, resulting in her death.

Wigington Rumley Dunn & Blair, L.L.P. filed suit contending that the handling characteristics of the Toyota Corolla were defective and unreasonably dangerous due to the vehicle’s susceptibility to loss of control and suddenly and without warning accelerating to high rates of speed in foreseeable driving circumstances. These characteristics were a producing cause of the accident in question and of the injuries to and consequent death of Aurora Arkins, the physical pain and mental anguish she suffered, and of the damages suffered by Plaintiffs. Further, the vehicle restraint system was defective and unreasonably designed. This case settled for a confidential sum