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Media Inquiries

Here at Wigington Rumley Dunn & Blair LLP, we appreciate the rapport and relationship that we have built with the media (both national and local) over time.

We prioritize media inquiries as best we can to coordinate with our dockets and trial schedules.

Wigington Rumley Dunn & Blair LLP welcomes media inquiries and interview requests about the law firm itself or its clients. Our attorneys are also ready to provide their legal opinion and expert analysis on issues pertaining to our areas of practice.

A founding partner, Jeff Wigington, serves as media representative for the firm.

For information about the firm and our attorneys, as well as our clients or any subject matter / issue information, please email Jeff Wigington ( or call him at 361-885-7500.

We will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

For more information, please review our verdict and settlement history and read summaries of some of our past cases.