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The State: Another 15 Passenger Van Tire Blowout Kills, Wigington Interview

Jun 06, 2019

The left rear tire blew out on a 15-passenger van, causing the driver to lose control and flip several times, killing a passenger. Left rear tire blowouts, unfortunately, are common occurrences with the 15-passenger vans. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued three separate consumer advisories for 15-passenger vans and their safety issues, and a 2005 study found that 74 percent of the vehicles have “significantly misinflated tires.”

In its coverage of the fatal blowout, The State publication quoted Jeff Wigington, an attorney with Wigington Rumley Dunn & Blair LLP, on the issues with the 15-passenger vans.

“It’s probably the most dangerous vehicle on the roadway,”said Wigington. “Consistently, these vans tip over at around 40 miles an hour on clean, dry pavement. Very few people know that, unfortunately, and that’s why people keep driving them.”