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New York Times: Single Mother Tossed 20 Yards Down the Road in Ford Truck Door Failure Rollover Crash, Wigington Interview

Jun 06, 2019

The New York Times writes about an accident where there was a tire blowout on Deborah Seliner’s Ford pickup, causing the truck to rollover and eject her. The force of the rollover impact tossed her 20 yards down the roadway. In its aftermath, the issue narrowed to faulty door latches, particularly springs with the wrong specifications that caused Ms. Seliner’s door to fly open.

As attorney for Ms. Seliner, as well as other victims, the New York Times interviewed Jeff Wigington, of Wigington Rumley Dunn & Blair LLP.

“The initial indication is that it’s a bad spring,”said Wigington. “There’s nothing else to explain why doors are opening.”

Ford responded to the New York Times, saying their latches are safe and fully comply with safety standards; however the article also points to records on recommendations and recalls that controvert the assertion.