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Premises Defect Injures World War II Veteran

Atascosa County, Texas: Trace Blair of Wigington Rumley Dunn & Blair, LLP was privileged to represent Ricardo Reyes following a tragic fall at an Atascosa County oil change business that robbed him of his independence and lifestyle. On the day of the accident, Mr. Reyes was 95 years old and living independently with his bride Antonia as he had done for the previous 70 years. Mr. Reyes drove to town to get his oil changed and was instructed by an employee of the business to drive his vehicle into the service bay. Mr. Reyes was a regular customer and had never driven his own vehicle inside the hazardous shop area. Once inside, Mr. Reyes was left alone as the business was shorthanded. Mr. Reyes exited his vehicle and had begun making his way out of the service bay as he was directed to do by Defendant’s employee when he suddenly and without warning fell into an unguarded and uncovered oil change pit. As a result of this fall, Mr. Reyes suffered extensive physical injuries, including a shattered femur and kneecap that required extensive surgery to repair and months of rehabilitation.

Mr. Reyes served his country proudly and is a highly decorated World War II Veteran who was honorably discharged after stepping on a land mine in Sicily and being shot in the gut as he was flying through the air from the blast of the mine. A close look at his x-rays revealed shrapnel from the land mine that remained in his body.

The accident had a significant impact on his mental state. The pride of independence that the 95-year-old man hadin maintaining a life free from assistance was snatched from Mr. Reyes, leaving emotional scars such as depression, feeling lack of value,lack of confidence, and shame over the constant need for assistance. This case settled for a confidential sum.