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Case Summaries

Defective Design: Woman Ejected and Killed Due to Door Latch Defects

Bandera County, Texas: On December 3, 2002, Kelly Heimer’s 2000 four-door Ford SuperCab pickup left the roadway it was on, causing Mrs. Heimer to lose control of it, and it rolled. Mrs. Heimer was ejected during the rollover when her door opened, causing severe injuries and eventual death. The two minor children in the vehicle with her were not seriously injured.

Wigington Rumley Dunn & Blair LLP filed a suit contending a Ford product defect involving the failure of the doors to stay closed during a foreseeable rollover accident. The driver’s side door opened, which created a large portal that allowed ejection. This vehicle lacks a B pillar and is susceptible to door openings when it experiences roof crush. This case settled for a confidential sum.