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Case Summaries

Defective Design: Defective Jeep Kills Mother and Child

Victoria County, Texas: On or about July 15, 2005, a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, being driven by Elba Lopez, left the roadway and veered back and forth before rolling over. The side glass shattered and the roof crushed in, and as a result, Mrs. Lopez and her passenger and son, Eduardo Lopez, Jr., were killed and passengers Eduardo Lopez, Jose Lopez and Maria Lopez were injured.

Wigington Rumley Dunn & Blair LLP filed a suit contending that at the time the Jeep Grand Cherokee was designed, manufactured and sold by the defendant DaimlerChrysler Corporation, it was defective in design and unreasonably dangerous, which was a producing cause of the injuries to Eduardo Lopez, Jose Lopez and Maria Lopez, and of the injuries and consequent death of Elba Lopez and Eduardo Lopez, Jr., the physical pain and mental anguish they suffered, and of the damages suffered by the plaintiffs. The design defects inherent in the vehicle include a defective roof structure, defective side glass and vehicle instability and handling. This case settled for a confidential sum.